My name is Sara. I am 17 and I am hella gay. I love space and I love the sky. I'm a major cartoon junkie and I watch just about everything you suggest to me. Procrastination is my favorite past time. My outlets are art and music. I often talk in the tags. Feel free to hmu cause I will definitely answer anything and everything.

16 year old child: mom, dad: I'm gay/lesbian/bi/pan
Straight parents: you're too young to know what your sexuality is! It's just a phase.
Baby boy: *stares at a baby girl for no reason other than the fact that babies stare at everything*
Straight parents: oooh! Ladies man! We're gonna have to keep the girls offa you!



Being good to each other is so important, guys.

My god this started out great and got epic faster than I could keep track





This is everything.

My favorite part is that Bart literally became Homer.

My favorite part is that Lisa became bisexual and eventually married Millhouse. Or the Jenda and Bart separation part.

Actually the best part is that in the entire series Maggie says like one-two words. And in her solo Christmas card she’s the “voice of her generation”




My man.

My ninja Neil deGrasse Tyson roasting with truth and logic, lol. 

Well, if he wants to run for office, I’d vote for him.


im literally always looking at my reflection not because im conceited but because i just think it feels kind strange to have a physical form and im constantly trying to process who and what i am


"You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

Jesus: Ah yes.

Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

Jesus: What a shame.


improvement meme! first was drawn when I was 10. been a long time!


holy fuck 


But that was what I came here for.



[reevaluates life choices] 


Relationship goals